The Manual of Good Pain – Anna Psatha – PDF Download


Pain can be good. Seriously now?

Is a good sense of humour really all it takes to unlock the positive side of pain in our daily life?

The Manual of Good Pain is a fairytale for grown-ups. It sheds light on the sides of pain through which we can improve our quality of living if we only open up to exploring and embracing them.

Through the author’s personal experience and thought process you are invited to seek your own answers and perspectives until you too can make peace with such notions as present, past, future, cause, pain, emotion, change and quality.





Audiobook coming soon. PDF download is istantly available after your puchase.


About the author

Anna Psatha was born in Athens. However, one could describe her as a “citizen of the world” since both her involvement with sports as professional athlete and her professional career have traveled her to many places inside and outside Greece. Based on her altruistic mood and team spirit, she is interested in the field of alternative approaches and research, participating also in activities with social impact. A lover of harmony and physical improvement, she believes in human evolution and lifelong learning.

anna psatha

The book is aavailable as PDF download instantly after your purchase.