Scan YouTube

We will register your tracks with YouTube Content ID system. YouTube will start scanning the whole platform to find which videos contain your music.

Start Earning

For each video that uses your track, an automated copyiright claim will be generated. Ads will start dsiplaying on those videos – you receive the earnings from the ads. 

Analytical Report

Each month you get a full report about what you earned, which videos and channels contacin your music, and how many views each video with your music has earned.

Frequent questions

– How do I scan YouTube for my music?

By listing your tracks in the YouTube ContentID, YouTube can use its advanced methods to detect which videos contain your music, even if only a small portion is used.

– What happens if my music is used in a YouTube video, for example, if a Dutch video maker uses your track in a cooking video?

It creates the so-called copyright claim automatically and the channel owner is notified that he uploaded a video that contains third party music. At the same time, ads begin to appear in the specific video from which revenue is generated.

-Will a copyright claim be filed against my own YouTube channel when it contains my own music?

Yes. You can choose which videos and which channels you wish to appear on whitelist (do not specify copyright claims). If you want to remove your channel (make it whitelist) you do it very easily through the WeMusic service.

– Would it be possible for me to give my music to a third party video (e.g., on the YouTube channel of a friend or partner) without creating a copyright claim?

Yes, you have complete control – you can remove any videos you wish from being scanned and generated claims. Once you have the link to the video you want to whitelist, the claims are automatically removed and the collection stops.

– What is the cost of the service?

There is an annual subscription fee of 19 euros per artist. You can upload unlimited tracks and start earning money right away. TMC keeps 25% of the revenue generated.

– Will I receive a detailed report?

You receive a monthly report showing which videos contain your music, the link for each video, the number of views per month, and revenue per video. Revenue per track is also displayed.

– When and how do payments take place?

Payments are made to a bank account or PayPal account you specify. Payments relate to 3-month allowances and are paid at the end of the following quarter.

– My album has been released by a record company. Can I use the service?

No. In this situation, the record company will need to register the tracks with us unless they are provided with something different in the contract that you have with your company.

– I’m interested – How do I get started?

Fill in the interest form and we will contact you.

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Our team will review your application and will get back with full details about the program. If accepted you will receive instructions on how to proceed with account creation.